“The Constitution is dead, and it was murdered by George W. Bush”: an anti-imperialist’s chilling story of persecution

The following was written by the communist Alexander Finnegan, who’s experienced persecution due to taking the principled anti-imperialist stance. I view this testimony of his as an update to the frightening developments that began during the first years of the War on Terror, in which the precedents were set for a domestic crackdown against dissent.

Quora is infiltrated by the FBI. Adam Clark-Joseph is an FBI agent who has several fake identities, some of whom are “American Maoists.” Another is an anarchist named “Mia,” who claims to have gone to the Sorbonne (not). This is also Clark-Joseph. He and his wrecking crew fractured the socialist movement on Quora by attacking me. 

In 2019, as a response to China and Russia doing propaganda, the US government paid for a backdoor into Quora to have superuser editor status and to operate Operation Earnest Voice software using sockpuppets with VPN’s and deepfake profile photos. Adam Clark-Joseph, an FBI agent, and Adrian Zenz, a CIA agent (also associated with the fake “Uyghur Genocide” claims), along with several others, began working propaganda and psyops. The COINTELPRO part Clark-Joseph intended on doing was to build up the socialist space with fake anarchists, far-left characters, and to build up the Marxist-Leninist space but then to set me up to rise to prominence, only to then “expose” me as a violent extremist and bring me down, thus “discrediting” Marxism-Leninism. Hutton in particular absolutely hates communism. 

When I posted several pieces condemning violence and saying that anyone associated with promoting it would be banned from my Quora spaces, Clark-Joseph was infuriated. The Ukraine War was used as an opportunity to tear apart the socialist community. After I posted several articles condemning the Biden Sanctions in Europe and telling the truth about the origins of the Ukraine War, the smear campaign started in earnest. One of Clark-Joseph’s fake characters, “Dr. David Moore,” began one of the first public crucifixions of me. Adrian Zenz, under the fake name “Alan Gould,” twisted my words and misrepresented me, along with his fake character, “Libby Maitland.” I was portrayed as being “genocidal” and “wishing for the rape and murder of Ukrainian women and children.” These lies were used to have me placed on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List on 7/22/22.

Michael Hutton, NSA, is head of propaganda on Quora. He ordered the smear campaign against me prior to me being put on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List. During this operation, Clark-Joseph would message me attempting to befriend me, basically inquiring to see if I was suicidal (that was their goal). I had to inform him I wasn’t. 215 smear campaign messages tearing me to pieces (with the assistance of FBI psychologists) was not enough to break me. So after they put me on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List, they hacked my phones and computers. 

Using a Twitter exploit, they were able to hijack my Twitter and Reddit accounts to stream video footage, which included two clips. One of them was LA gang members talking about coming to rape and kill my family at 3 am and a Ukrainian hit team with a midget named “Little Niko” who would break into people’s homes and murder them. Combing this with sleep deprivation and InfraGard swarming my home, these were MKULTRA II methods to psychologically break me down and cause a regressive state in which I was “deprogrammed” away from communism. The irony is that all of their bullshit just made me more convinced how evil they are and how much I absolutely hate America. It also made me more convinced that only Marxism-Leninism can save our species from destruction at the hands of a psychopathic, warmongering, genocidal, settler-occupier regime, the US of KKKA.

Subjected to surveillance 24-7, fake classified documents put on my computer to frame me, disturbing images put on my computer, a drone flown above my home, our house broken into when we weren’t home, InfraGard goons shooting outside our home, numerous death threats, and another smear campaign would follow in November after I had fled the US on October 3, 2022. 

I still have people shooting outside our home as of February 2, 2023. They destroyed my life. I lost my childhood home, all of my things, and my wife lost her career. I feel bad for her because she was a good nurse who helped people during the COVID pandemic. She studied in school for nothing. Nursing was her passion. Now, all of those skills are wasted. They even talked her mother into working with CPS to take our children from us. Separating children from their parents is what these beasts do as a form of terrorism. I did an FOIA request recently and it was denied because my placement on the Domestic Terrorist Watch List “Cannot be confirmed to exist or not exist.” And, if it did exist, it “would be classified” as “national security.” In other words, it exists and they refuse to provide me the right to confront my accusers in court. The Constitution is dead, and it was murdered by George W. Bush and his Neocon Junta. 

There are many who don’t believe me. The Langley Boys still say I am a “paranoid schizophrenic” who “couldn’t handle being in the spotlight.” Such claims are used against all gangstalking victims to discredit them. Nothing new there. What was most shocking, however, was the quickness with which my neighbors, supposed “friends,” and even my mother-in-law were willing to toss us under the bus. I know, now, how the Jewish people felt when their neighbors and friends abandoned them to the Nazis.

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